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Alternative is the standard microchip feeder link here.


PLEASE NOTE This is the Feeder connect, the step up from the standard microchip feeder that I also sell, to use the advanced features of this item you will also need to purchase the smart hub separately, I also sell these.

A great solution feeding for overweight cats or cats who are on special dietary food and are in a multi-pet household where others could steal the food, using your pet's microchip (can store up to 32 microchips) into a key allowing them access to the food within the feeder. This microchip pet feeder connect is different from other microchip activated bowls as it can connect to the innovative Sure Petcare app that uses state of the art real-time data reporting.

Key Benefits: Only permits access to a registered pet’s microchip or RFID collar tag to prevent other pets from stealing food. Monitor how much your cat eats and how often. Learn your pet's normal feeding patterns so you can detect any changes. View graphs to track time of day feeding. Sealed bowl keeps food fresher and free from flies. Grant accessibility to wet and dry food separately. Built-in scales weigh your pet’s food and LEDs guide you to serve the correct portions. 3-year manufacturer warranty. Comes with 1 x grey single bowl insert, 1 x grey split bowl insert and 1 x grey mat. Sure Hub needs to be purchased separately in order to link this device to the Sure Petcare app.

Phone in picture an example, not included.

Microchip Pet Feeder CONNECT

SKU: 5060180392888
GST Included
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